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Student College Needs

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Featured Student Credit Card

Use this featured card to purchase school supplies, food, transportation to and from school, and other personal needs. You can earn points with every purchase.

Points are redeemable for exclusive group member benefits, such as music, movies, ticketmaster gift cards, VIP movie screening tickets, spring break discounts and more.

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Other Featured Cards ...

Students can manage their expenses and debt by choosing from a variety of Visa credit cards with low interest rates.

managing student credit card use

Managing Credit Card Use

Having your own credit card to make everyday purchases is a better money option than carrying around cash or using out-of-town student checks.

But having a card can be tempting to buy items you don't need. You can run up credit card debt quickly that can hurt you later on. View our tips on how best to manage credit card use.

managing credit card use

Credit Card Tip ...

Credit card debt has become a financial epidemic in the US. A large number of people are shelling out more than what they can afford to and getting drowned in the sea of debt. Consequently credit card debt settlement is soaring. With credit card debt settlement, a large part of the outstanding balance is forgiven.

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money for college

Let's Talk Money for College

What is the cost of college: tuition - housing - food - books - supplies - transportation - computer - personals - other?

Do you have enough money? Use this quick calculator to add up your total costs and total available aid. Then review what options to you have to close the gap.

calculate the money you need for college